Kohinoor Slide Rules

Our first word " Quality with Sincerity"

We introduce ourselves as the pioneer manufacturers and suppliers to Indian Defence Forces. Our factory was established in the year 1949, with a concept to render services to feed the requirements of our Defence Forces and since then our company is growing everyday and this day, to our pride, we expertise in indegenising various instruments/equipments for Import Substitute items,for the use of our forces and this hunger for innovation has pulled us all the way to where we stand TODAY, since inception!

Moreover, apart from the Defence Instruments, we are proud to mention, we have also diversified into various other products ranging from Scales, Protractors, Compass, Dividers, Measuring Tapes, Parallel Rules to Seals/Locks used in the Carpet Industry(the seal is used as the manufacturers/buyers identification code), Scientific Appratus and the list is endless.


Pioneer manufacturers of Slide Rules in India

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12" sizes for students,professionals and Army.Other than the standard models,we expertise in developing and manufacturing special purpose slide rules for the purpose related to the industries and various industrial products.


White unbreakable and transparent plastic scvales

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We manufacture various measuring scvales for students and professionals. All the scales manufactured by us are made up of White unbreakable plastic and clear transparent plastic,ranging from 0.5mm to 6mm.


Auto-illuminating device, used for HS-748 Aircraft

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The unit provides automatic illumination in the compartment or each cabin,under abnormal acceleration condition which may put the normal lighting system out of action or by a manually operated Push Button Switch.